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학회 발표 / 30th IFSCC CONGRESS 2018


2018년9월18일~21일의 3일간、뮌헨에서 열릴 「the IFSCC Congress 2018」에서 발표합니다.

【발표 개요】

일시: 2018년9월18일~21일
회장: INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort


1) 구두 발표
일시: 9월20일 11:15-11:45
세션: Morning Session: Delivery Systems – How Deep is Your Effect?
제목: Efficacy and Mechanisms of action of the Skin Penetration Enhancer Bis-ethoxydiglycol cyclohexane 1,4-dicarboxylate (CH-CA) on Epidermal Penetration Rate of Water-Soluble Ingredients.

2) 포스터 발표
일시: 9월19일~9월20일 정오
제목: Tranexamic acid restores reconstruction of dermal matrix through activation of SIRT-1