UV Care

Every year the sales of anti-ultraviolet light cosmetics tend to increase from the beginning of spring throughout the summer.
Nippon Fine Chemical is engaged in the development of cosmetic raw ingredients effective in anti-UV products.

In recent years, the market has become more demanding and more customers are seeking products that not only have a UV-filtering effect, but also contain the qualities listed below.

A product will not distinguish itself from others just by containing UV filters and being gentle on skin, which is why Nippon Fine Chemical’s new esters have begun to gain more attention.

You can familiarize yourself with the properties and characteristics of our esters on this website and then utilize them in your own cosmetic goods enterprise.


This is a basic ester that has conformed to the quasi-pharmaceutical product standards since 2006. It is extraordinarily light and has very good solvent properties, so it is recommended in formulas with hard to dissolve UV absorbents.


This is a new ester used in anti-aging products, enhancing skin’s barrier properties. It is well suited for UV care formulas due to its deep moisturizing effect and very light texture. It also has excellent pigment dispersing properties.


This is an ester of plant origin with excellent pigment dispersing properties. It gives a moisturizing effect and suitable adhesion.