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CHOLESTEROL Moisturizing compound that is used for increasing the water retention and barrier properties of skin and hair.
Information about ingredients
Product Name(Japanese) コレステロール
Product Name(English) CHOLESTEROL
中文INCI 胆甾醇
한국 INCI명/성분명 콜레스테롤
CAS 57-88-5
Moisturizing Barrier function Lamellar-forming ability Emollient Water holding property
Foaming improvement Cleansing effect Solubility Emulsification Liposome
Penetration Skin brightening/whitening Pigment dispersibility Glossiness, shine, luster Adhesion
Bouncy hair Hair damage repair Hairstyling Ceramide formulated Plant-derived materials
Cooling sensation Bactericidal effect Preservative effect Antioxidant Hyaluronic acid production
Other information about ingredients
Usage as quasi-drug products IECIC COSMOS ECOCERT