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Ethyl Ascorbic acid Pro-VC renowned for its skin brightening effects and ability to fight the cause of spots.
Information about ingredients
Product Name(Japanese) VCエチル
Product Name(English) Ethyl Ascorbic acid
INCI 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid
中文INCI 3-邻-乙基抗坏血酸
한국 INCI명/성분명 에칠아스코빌에텔
CAS 86404-04-8
Moisturizing Barrier function Lamellar-forming ability Emollient Water holding property
Foaming improvement Cleansing effect Solubility Emulsification Liposome
Penetration Skin brightening/whitening Pigment dispersibility Glossiness, shine, luster Adhesion
Bouncy hair Hair damage repair Hairstyling Ceramide formulated Plant-derived materials
Cooling sensation Bactericidal effect Preservative effect Antioxidant Hyaluronic acid production
Other information about ingredients
Usage as quasi-drug products IECIC COSMOS ECOCERT