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About Us

Our Mission

We will continue to evolve and strive to deliver new environmentally-responsible products to satisfy and meet the needs of our customers.

In order to earn our customers' trust, we commit ourselves to these four values:

  • speed
  • safety and reliability
  • constant evolution
  • challenging ourselves and our products

Our Strength

We focus on three types of raw ingredients for cosmetics – “Active ingredients”, “Functional esters” and “Lipid complex”. As a pioneer in these fields, we will contribute to society by offering cosmetics made from those ingredients.

As a leader in the production of lanolin and cholesterols, we are committed to developing environmentally-friendly and sustainable high quality lanolin/cholesterol derivatives that are easy on humans and sheep alike.

Active ingredient

Active ingredient that enhance beauty and promote health.Nippon Fine Chemical supports a healthy lifestyle of people all around the world through the production of active ingredients, such as glycosides and provitamin C.

Functional ester

NFC keeps a flexible outlook as we strive to the needs of our clients by developing new esters with extensive functionality.

Lipid Complex

NFC has succeeded at the production of high-purity phospholipid Liposomes used as raw cosmetics ingredients by applying the technology utilized in the pharmaceutical industry. NFC is now providing a wide range of high-performance skin care and hair care products.


Lanolin has been considered a safe and reliable product for hundrets of years and is widely appreciated aroud the world.

  • NFC specializes in the refinement, development and manufacture of lanolin as a key ingredient of environmentally responsive cosmetics.

The mascot for Nippon Fine Chemical
「Ecola」  「Lano」